Today in Indian History 31 January

 Today in Indian History 31 January 

31 January in Indian history - What is today in history India 31 January

January 31 renowned birthday celebrations in India - Celebrities that have birthday events on this day in history 31 January

1896-D. R. Bendre, Kannada artist of the Navodaya time frame.

1923-Somnath Sharma, PVC, of the Indian Armed force, was the principal beneficiary of the Param Vir Chakra, India's most elevated military enrichment.

1935-Rudraprasad Sengupta, Bengali Indian entertainer, chief and social pundit.

1949-Rajesh Vivek, Indian entertainer who is most popular to Hindi film crowds for his job as the crystal gazer Guran in Lagaan.

1971-Debasree Chaudhuri, Indian lawmaker who fills in as the Pastor of State for Lady and Kid Advancement in the Second Modi service in the Public authority of India.

1975-Preity Zinta, Indian film entertainer and business visionary, who was one of the most famous and most generously compensated entertainers during the 2000s.

1978-Amrita Arora, Indian film entertainer, model, television Moderator, and VJ.

1987-Nithya Slam, Indian TV and film entertainer who works in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu creations.

1909-Bishnu Prasad Rabha, notable Indian social figure from Assam, notable for his commitments towards the Assamese culture.

1992-Amy Jackson, English entertainer and model most popular for her work in Indian movies

31 January in Indian history - What is today in history India 31 January

Today in history India 31 January - Celebrities that have demise commemorations on this day in history 31 January

1969-Meher Baba, Indian otherworldly expert who asserted he was a Symbol — God in human structure.

1993-M George Muthoot, Indian business visionary and finance manager, conspicuous for his spearheading work in the South Indian monetary area.

2000-K.N. Singh, conspicuous reprobate and character entertainer.

2000-Vasant Kanetkar, Marathi dramatist and author from Maharashtra, India.

2003-Meka Rangaiah Appa Rao, was Bad habit Chancellor of Andhra College, Individual from Andhra Pradesh Administrative Get together.

2004-Suraiya Jamaal Sheik, Indian vocalist and entertainer.

2009-Nagesh, Indian film entertainer, for the most part associated with his jobs as a humorist during the 1960s.

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31 January in Indian history - What is today in history India 31 January

Today in history India 31 January - Occasions that occurred on this day in history 31 January

1929-Sunday sports were to be allowed in Boston.

1945-The Second Great War Burma Course opened.

1961-David Ben-Gurion leaves as State leader of Israel.

1996-50 individuals bite the dust and a lot more harmed in a self destruction bombarding in Sri Lanka by dissenter Tamil Tigers

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