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Causes:-Financial causes: Heavy tax assessment was forced on laborers. Land income framework / settlement seized the place that is known for laborers. The strategy of EastIndia organization beat Indian Goods down further more, advanced British Goods.Political reason: Introduction of auxiliary coalition by Lord Wellesley and Doctrine of slip by Lord Dalhousie.Socio-Religious reason: Abolition of Sati,backing to window remarriage, ladies schooling and change of Hindu traditions.

Quick Cause: Introduction of ENField Rifle. The cartridge of New Rifle was lubed with atta blended in with beaf and pig fat. The revolt begun at Meerut on tenth May 1557.In April 1857, 190 man of 34 Native Infantry wouldn't acknowledge the lubed cartridge.Every one of them excused and shipped off long term detainment.Delhi turned into the focal point of Revolt and Bahadhur Shah declared the image of this revolt.The revolt was totally stifled and Delhi was caught on 28th Sept 1857.John Nicholson was the pioneer who caught Delhi. Sir Hugh Rose killed Lakshmibhai and caught Jhansi

Results:Administration of India Act, 1858 was passed.This Act abrogated EastIndia Company and moved the powers to British Crown.

Outcomes:Legislature of India Act, 1858 was passed.This Act annulled EastIndia Company and moved the powers to British Crown.The assignment of the Governor General of India was change to Viceroy of India.Master Canning turned into the main Viceroy of India.A new of his of secretary of state was made. He was an individual from British Cabinet who was given finished control and authority over Indian organization.

Results:Administration of India Act, 1858 was passed.This Act abrogated EastIndia Company and moved the powers to British Crown.The assignment of the Governor General of India was change to Viceroy of India.Ruler Canning turned into the principal Viceroy of India.A new of his of secretary of state was made. He was an individual from British Cabinet who was given finished control and authority over Indian organization.


Brahmo Samaj (1828)

Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Brahmo Saba in August 1828 which was subsequently renamed Brahmo Samaj. Prior he arrangement Atmiya Saba in 1840.He put stock in Monotheism.He expressed "Gift to Monotheist".He upheld "David Hare" to establish Calcutta. Hindu school in 1817.

In 1825 he laid out "A Vedanta College" in which courses were offered both in western what's more, Indian Language.He was against Polytheism and Ideal Worship.He Discarded confidence in Incarnations (Avataar).He critised position framework and was against the cruel act of Sati.He began Anti Sati Movement in 1818.He pushed widow remarriage.He was a skilled etymologist.Debendranath Tagore, Father of Rabindra Nath Tagore joined the Samaj in 1842.Prior Tagore Headed "Tattvabodhini Sabha"He delegated "Keshab Chander Sen" as the Acharya of Brahmo Samaj.Because of contention between Keshab Chander Sen what's more, Debendranath Tagore the Samaj was splitted.Keshab Chander Sen was excused.Keshab set up new association "Sadharan Brahmo Samaj" Devenbranath set up new association "Adi Brahmo Samaj"


 During the last part of the 1820s and mid 1830s, A youthful Old English Indian, Henry Vivian Derozio, who was an educator of Calcutta Hindu College established this development. He likewise altered the papers,Hesperus and Calcutta Literary newspaper.He was propelled by French Revolution.He upheld Women Right and Education.He encouraged his understudy to think openly and sanely and to scrutinize all power.


The Arya Samaj was established by Dayanand Saraswati at Bombay 1875.He was likewise called Moolshankar.Later on the settle of Arya Samaj was moved to Lahore.He gave a motto "Return to the Vedas". His sees were distributed in his popular work Satyar Parkash. He additionally composed Veda Bashya and Bashya Bhumika.He went after Hindu conventionality, station rigidities,distance, polytheism and creature penances.He additionally began Shudhdi Movement to reconvert the Hindus who were changed over completely to Christianity /Islam.The Dayanand Anglo Vedic College was laid out in 1886 at Lahore.Master Shraddhanand who was individual from Arya Samaj, open Gurukuls in 1900 at Gujarawala (West Pakistan).


 This Mission is begun by Swami Vivekanand following 11 years of death of his master Ram Krishna Paramhans.His unique name was Narendra Nath Dutt.He was the evangelist of Neo Hinduism.In 1893, he went to parliament of religion held at Chicago (USA).He composed Prabudha Bharat in English,"Udbhodhna" in Bengali.


Begun by Gopal Krishna Gokhle.The target of the general public was to prepare the Indians for the assistance of India.Hitavada (Hiavadi) was distributed to spread the Indian of society.MG Ranade was one more significant individual from the general public.

Dev Samaj :- Dev Samaj was begun by Shiv Narayan by Agnihotri in 1887 at Lahore.The general public focused on matchless quality of the Master and the requirement for good activities.The general public called for Ideal Social Behavior for example, staying away from intoxicants and non-vegan food and furthermore not to aside from Bribes.


Begun by Banker called Tulsi Ram in 1861.He was otherwise called Dayal Sahib.He had faith in an organization of "Devout individuals"also, matchless quality of the Guru.


It was established by M.G Ranade and Raghunath Rao in 1887.The primary meeting of India social gathering was held in Madras.It was likewise called Social Reform of INC (Indian National Congress) The meeting pushed Inter-Caste Marriage and gone against polygamy. It sent off the Pledge Movement to motivate individuals to make promise against kid marriage.


 Begun by Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan in 1875. His devotion to British Govt. procured him the"Knighthood"..He began Mohammedan Anglo arranged school at Aligarh in 1875 which later on turned into the Aligarh Muslim University.He went against Purdah System and Polygamy.He additionally pushed Easy Divorce.The name of his Magazine was Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq.


This development was begun at 1886 in Saharanpur locale of United Province (U.P) Mohd. Qasim Nanautavi and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi were the pioneer behind this Movement.This development was against Aligarh Development.The target of this development was to propogate the educating of Quran and Hadis.They were contrary to unfamiliar rule.Deoband development upheld the arrangement of INC and given Fatwa against "Sir Sayed



This development was Mirza Gulam Ahmed in 1889.This development went against "Jihaad".The Ahmdai Community is the just Islamic Faction. to accept that the Messiah had come in the individual of "Mirza Gulam Ahmed" to end strict conflict and carnage.


The Singh Sabha Movement was established at Amritsar in 1873 with two goals:To propogate current western schooling inthe Sikh people group. Furthermore, to counter the exercises of Christian Ministers, Arya Samajist and Musli Maulvi.The Akali Movement was otherwise called Gurdwara Reforms Movement.It was a branch-off of Singh Sabah Movement.

Objective: To free the Sikh Gurdwara's from the control of degenerate Mahants.Sikh Gurdwaras Amendment Act, 1922 come into force which gave the control of Gurdwara to the Sikh Masses.Furthermore, the organization of the Gurdwaras to be controlled "Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee".


This was the principal society which was begun by Westerners.The general public was motivated by Indian Thought also, Culture.Established by Madam H.P Blavatsky and Col.H.S Olcott. in 1875.The central command of this general public was in New York, USA.This general public acknowledged the Hindu has confidence in rebirth and karma and furthermore put stock in Yoga and Vedanta School. After the passing of Col. H.S Olcott the central command was moved to Adyaar (Tamil Nadu)."Anne Bessant" turned into the leader of theosophical society of India.She established the groundwork of Central Hindu School in Banaras which later on became Banaras Hindu University in 1916.


Satya Shodakh Samaj/Truth Seeker Society. This development was begun by Jyotiba Phule in 1873.He have a place with Mali people group.He coordinated strong development against upper rank mastery.The points of the development were:

Social Service.

To confer instruction among lower rank individuals and among ladies.Significant work of Phule: Gulamgiri and Sarvajanik Satayadharma His significant other Savitribai Phule began quite a large number schools for ladies.

Equity Movement:Begun in Madras (1917) by T.M Nair,P.Tyagaraja and C.N. Mudaliar to get occupations for Non-Brahmins.Self confidence Movement Begun by E.V Ramasamy. This development dismissed or underline the place of Brahminic minister by putting together wedding without them.

Sanctuary Entry Movement:Begun by Shri Narayan Guru to take up the issue of sanctuary and passage with the Travancore Organization.In 1924 K.P Kesava drove Vaikom the name Satyagraha furthermore, requested the opening up of Hindu sanctuaries and street to untouchables.In 1931, Subramaniyam who was likewise known as "Singing Sword" of Kerala motivated by K.Kelappan began a development for Temple-Passage.


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